• From the EEA to the Hanseatic League 2.0?

    University of Oslo, Institute of Private Law, in cooperation with FIDE Norway, 30 May 2018.

  • Fosen-Linjen: How much market and how much mercantilism in public procurement?

    NHO Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise Procurement Conference 2018, 29 May 2018, Oslo.

  • Giving evidence to the House of Commons

    7 February 2018, at 10.45 evidence on dispute resolution after Brexir to the Exiting the European Union Committee of the UK House of Commons.

  • Brexit in Context: What Does ‘Docking’ Mean?

    University College London, 7 February 2018.The session will be chaired by Caroline Wilson. Director (Europe) in the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

  • Keynote speech

    The Law Society’s Competition Section annual dinner and awards, London, 22 November 2017.

  • International Courts – Independence as Chimera?

    Symposium in honour of the President of the OLG Düsseldorf, Anne-José Paulsen, 1 February 2018.

  • A soul for Europe

    Panel discussion with Prof. Dr. Robert Taschner, member of the Austrian National Assembly, chaired by former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Dr. Erhard Busek.

  • The Contribution of Icelanders to the Functioning of the EFTA Court

    University of Iceland, 11 October 2017.

  • Dispute resolution under a future UK – EU trade agreement

    P.R.I.M.E. Finance 7th Annual Conference, The Hague, 22 January 2018.

  • Giving evidence to the House of Lords

    On Tuesday, 16 January 2018, 11.30 am, I will give evidence on ‘Brexit: enforcement and dispute resolution’ to the House of Lords EU Justice Sub-Committee. The proceedings might be recorded for broadcasting. In addition, the internet broadcasting service will carry live coverage of the meeting, which will remain accessible for a year.